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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mixed Messages Vol. IV

"The implication ... that American Jews put the interests of Israel before those of America, raises the ugly specter of 'dual loyalty,' a canard that has haunted Diaspora Jews from time immemorial." --Alan Dershowitz, April 2006

"One cannot discuss at any respectable dinner table what many respectable people are thinking themselves. This is the matter of where do Arab Americans really stand on terror. It's a question that Kenneth Chadwell, assistant U.S. attorney for the Detroit area, asked about the Lebanese Shia who make up about 30,000 of the 100,000 people in Dearborn, Michigan: 'Are they loyal to the United States or to this group Hezbollah?" The answer is not simple. Still, the question is not simple at all. For example, there's what's called a 'resistance tax' in Dearborn which goes to support Hezbollah. This and other manifestations that new Arab immigrants have brought their fiery passions from Lebanon to America intact. They have not really left the 'old country' behind, and some of them are making themselves at home by committing criminal acts. (By the way, 15,000 come from the area of Bint Jbeil, where the frantic fighting in southern Lebanon took place last week.)" --Martin Peretz, August 2006