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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Anderson Cooper Enters the Mancage

Anderson Cooper spent some time in something called a "mancage" on last night's broadcast of "Anderson Cooper 360." He seemed very excited about it. I think he really likes to say "mancage." I wonder which he likes better, the mancage or the manbus?

Here are the quotes:
Literally, this is what they call the mancage. It's attached to a giant crane. I'm actually going to get inside it and go over the 17th Street Canal.

A little bit later on we're going to take you up in that mancage.

I've got to put on this equipment, because we're going to go into what's called a mancage right here.

The mancage is used to take people everyday, to take the workers.

Welcome back. We've just gotten out of the mancage.