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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Drinking on the Job

For the record, it's not gay if your lips accidentally touch when you're sharing a mic.

I don't have anything to add to what Daniel Radosh and others have written on the National Review's top 50 conservative rock songs. But I will say I was taken back a few years by the selection of the Rainmakers' "Government Cheese" as the 36th greatest conservative rock song of all time. NR's John J. Miller describes The Rainmakers as a "Kansas City band that deserved more success than it got," and he's absolutely right. They were an atrocious band, which I learned the hard way after spending $7.99 on their debut LP on the recommendation of some jackass.

And yet they deserved the world, because they wrote what continue to be the best four consecutive lines in any rock song, ever. In "Drinking on the Job" (scroll down), buried amid the gag-Americana schlock--"Everybody's drunk / Everybody's wasted / Everybody's drinking on the job"--the discerning listener can find the following gems, which have stayed with me for nearly two decades despite having listened to the record just once:

"FBI / CIA / DWI / USA."

Sounds about right.

UPDATE: The jackass conveniently--and falsely--denies ever having recommended the Rainmakers. Don't believe him.