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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You Don't Mess Around With Jim

Chicago Tribune managing editor James O'Shea

Busy day for Chicago Tribune editors over at Uncle Jimmy's Place. Tribune managing editor Jim O'Shea has written an open letter to Tucker Carlson, blasting him for calling the Tribune "cowardly" and O'Shea a "corporate worm" on last night's show because the Tribune declined to run the Satanic Cartoons. O'Shea makes three interesting charges, upon which I shall expound in turn:

1) "It is no wonder that people don't want to appear on your show. I know I won't appear on your show or MSNBC and I would guess that would apply to my colleagues at the Chicago Tribune."

Guess again, O'Shea. Have you ever met your deputy managing editor for features?

2) "The people who work here are brave, courageous reporters and editors who make tough calls everyday, an experience I know you can't understand since you've never done so."

Carlson doesn't need me to defend him, but his bow-tied visage tends to obscure the fact that he actually has covered wars in Central America, survived a plane crash in Pakistan, been to Iraq, and generally done more dangerous reporting than people give him credit for.

3) "I suspect that the Chicago Tribune will be around a lot longer than you, Tucker, and if I'm wrong, I will buy you your drink of choice, which is probably a sarsaparilla."

When did Yosemite Sam take over the Tribune? Git that lilly-livered varmint, Jim!