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Monday, February 06, 2006

Replace "New" With "Free," And You Get the Idea

Marty Peretz hates Slate. Readers will recall his wondrous, curmudgeonly, and unprovoked denunciation of Slate columnist Jack Shafer a few weeks ago, and Shafer's delighted response. In this, the latest installment of Peretz's descent into Internet crank-dom, our hero takes a swipe, apropos of nothing, at his former New Republic employee Jacob Weisberg:
[Weisberg] now runs Slate, apparently unpleasantly enough for a few first-rate staffers to have already departed to Yahoo!, with perhaps a few more highly valued staff thinking about it.
The ostensible occasion for Peretz's pique is the shabby treatment of his friend and advice columnist Margo Howard at the hands of Slate, which has prompted her to jump to Yahoo!. Peretz marvels at Howard's shockingly low salary of $33,800 a year, which is rather entry-level. Surely all the hard work she's put into being Ann Landers' daughter is worth more than that.