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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mr. Richards' Confusion Over What, Exactly, It Means to "Fix a Laptop" Led to Some Awkward Backstage Moments With Members of the Geek Squad

I know I've had a Rolling Stones thing going on lately, but this paragraph, from today's Wall Street Journal story on the growing business of tech support for touring acts, made me giggle without end:
Technology can be particularly baffling for older musicians. During the Rolling Stones' 1997 "Bridges to Babylon" concert, Geek Squad's Mr. Stephens helped 62-year-old Mr. Jagger connect to the Internet after he had had trouble dialing up. "All I did was add a 9 in front of the number and he was like 'wow, man, you're so cool,'" Mr. Stephens recalls, imitating a British accent. As for Keith Richards, also 62, Mr. Stephens says, "I seriously think he'd never operated a computer before."