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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Announcing the Reference Tone Chicago Tribune Public Editor Replacement Clock

Looks like Chicago Tribune public editor Don Wycliff has decided to run out the rest of his career flacking for Notre Dame. He's leaving the Tribune effective March 13.

Which means that Reference Tone now officially launches its Public Editor Replacement Clock. How long will it take the Trib to find a replacement for Wycliff, assuming they intend to? How long will they chew it over, look at the budget, and wonder if having a public editor is really worth it? Day One starts on March 14.

Other Reference Tone Chicago Tribune Replacement Clocks:

Television Critic: Day 214
Perspective Editor: Day 178
Associate Managing Editor for Features: Day 391
Editorial Cartoonist: Day 2,049
Tempo Columnist: Day 1,241
Book Critic: Infinity
Notes to Replacement Clocks: The last bylined story by a "Tribune television critic" was a Steve Johnson piece on July 10, 2005. According to a September 2005 Mike Miner piece, managing editor Jim O'Shea sent an e-mail to staff in "mid-August" announcing Perspective editor Charlie Madigan's appointment to create a 24-hour news desk; the clock began on August 15. Associate managing editor for features Mary Elson moved to Tribune Media Services on January 14, 2005. Cartoonist Jeff McNelly died on June 8, 2000. Columnist Bob Greene resigned on September 15, 2002. The last byline by a "Tribune book critic" was in 1993, but they're obviously not replacing that slot. I am very bad at math and in all likelihood made significant errors.
[Via Romenesko.]