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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Well Fuck You Too, Chertoff

Beautiful pre-State-of-the-Union moment between Stephen Breyer and Michael Chertoff that I had to capture with my digital camera and present for your viewing pleasure.

Breyer is standing with Alito. Chertoff walks over to Alito to shake hands. Breyer stands by politely, smiling, trying to engage Chertoff to say hi. Chertoff ignores him and gabs with Alito. Breyer tries to make eye contact with Chertoff, and smiles when Chertoff breaks with Alito, looking like he's ready to say hello. Chertoff walks away. Breyer waves at him. Chertoff doesn't acknowledge him. Breyer rolls his eyes as if to say, "Asshole."

Here's the video. Just watch Breyer's face. It's worth it.