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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mike Miner's Sleuthing Secrets Revealed!

Chicago Reader "newspaper critic" Mike Miner has sources everywhere. Take a look at his end-of-column blurb on the firing of Los Angeles Times columnist Robert Scheer and editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez, wherein he gives his humble readers a glimpse into how he keeps his finger on the pulse of the massive, nation-spanning media conglomerate that calls his city home:
A new publisher sent from Chicago fired the Los Angeles Times's conservative, Pulitzer-winning cartoonist, Michael Ramirez. For balance and greater savings, he also fired a liberal columnist, Robert Scheer.

I first heard about this from my sister in Pasadena, who thought she got her money's worth from both of them. She said the firings made her understand for the first time that her hometown paper had been bought.
Look out, Tribune Co.! I hear Miner's got an uncle in Orlando and a couple cousins on Long Island, too. He's got you covered!