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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mickey Kaus, Opinion Maoist

Equality is back, baby! This is a week old, but in catching up on some reading I was struck by Mickey Kaus' comments to Joseph Nocera about TimesSelect, which Kaus has been venting about for weeks:
There are other, more philosophical, objections as well. Mickey Kaus, an unrelenting critic of TimesSelect who writes the popular kausfiles blog for the Slate online magazine, told me recently that he had no particular objection to paying for Internet content. ''What I object to,'' he said, ''is the idea that The New York Times is essentially saying that its columnists' opinions are so much superior to everyone else's that they are going to charge for it.''
How dare they! I presume that Kaus, burning and wild-eyed with the inner flame of newfound egalitarianism--From Each According to Opinion, to Each According to Interest--will no doubt be distributing his next book free of charge, and avoiding any avenues for the dissemination of his opinions that carry the stench of superiority produced when one accepts currency in exchange for punditry. Down With the Opinion Aristocracy!