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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cooksie at IIT Festival Saturday 8/27

Cool poster, huh? It's by the talented Jen Frank.

Cooksie, the infrequently convened rock band that myself and my brother Matt irritate each other in, is playing a street festival on the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology on Saturday, August 27. We play with the M's and Beatnik Turtle. The festival celebrates the re-opening of a newly renovated Crown Hall, which is an architecturally important building that has something to do with Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. If you come, Matt can tell you all about it.

Cooksie takes the stage at the reasonable and child-friendly hour of 1 p.m. Crown Hall is at 33rd and State St. Here is a map (pdf) if you wanna come (warning: I don't know if the areas marked "free parking" are free for everyone or just the bands). The M's are great, so there's a reason right there. And here are some Cooksie songs if you want to know what you'd be getting into, but there are no guarantees will play them. We're arguing right now about whether to play More Songs About Buildings and Food start to finish, or if we should just play the ones about buildings.

Please Slow Down (mp3)
Carson Iceberg (mp3)