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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Trust Me, I've Spent a Couple Nights in Birmingham, and You Can't Get a Falafel After 9 p.m. In That Town

I was going to write something about how daft the geniuses at Fox News Channel are for going with a taped (earlier this afternoon) episode of the O'Reilly Factor just minutes after the name of Bush's SCOTUS nominee was released, which is what they did at 8 p.m. Eastern tonight, as opposed to, I don't know, live coverage of a historical news event, maybe? But now I'm glad they did, because I got to watch this exchange between Rick Santorum, he of the gay mouthpiece, who recently said something along the lines of even the Catholics in Boston are all going to hell simply by virtue of their geographical adjacency to Harvard University, and Bill "Just Kind of a Tease Business" O'Reilly, he of the loofah:
Santorum: I was not criticizing Boston any more than you could put in any other name of any other city...

O'Reilly: Well, you were in the sense that you said that Boston was a hotbed of this sexual revolution, and it was. I was--I was in college in Boston, and, and I [awkward pause]. Look, there's no doubt that that's a liberal town, and it's more sexually progressive than, say, Birmingham, Alabama.

Sounds sort of... wistful, doesn't it? I bet someone will be grabbing a copy of RedEye and working the phones tonight.