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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Trib Punts Zorn Over to Typepad

Eric Zorn's blog has moved from the Chicago Tribune's servers to Typepad's. Is it just me, or is there something odd about a newspaper that had operating revenues of more than $800 million last year, and operates a website that, as the Tribune often brags, was one of the first newspaper online offerings, and maintains a dedicated staff of online-only personnel, is using a $4.95/month web-based service to host a blog?

I guess it kind of makes sense--it looks a little better, and why waste time replicating a service that's readily available?--but something seems low-rent about the arrangement. Rupert Murdoch is buying Myspace for $580 million, and the Tribune Co. is renting space on Typepad's servers for $49 per year.