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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursdays With Mike

I swear sometimes Mike Miner is reading my mind and eavesdropping on my dreams. Take the lede of his new column:
We have red states and blue states. We have the ABCs of abortion, the Bible, and the so-called Constitution-in-exile riding on a Supreme Court nominee. What's next -- drums and bugles and another fratricidal donnybrook?
It's perfect! So crystalline! It's intriguing, and it shuttles you along like quicksilver to the meat of Miner's column--a fascinating analysis that tells me dozens of things I didn't know, including the fact that people who listen to talk radio often hold partisan political positions and Chicago suffered a major fire in 1871.

But the creepy thing is how he effortlessly captures the Zeitgeist. First of all, someone had better trademark "the ABCs of abortion, the Bible, and the so-called Constitution-in-exile" and get it on a T-Shirt fast. And be honest: How many times have you been watching Fox News Channel or MSNBC and just thrown the remote control to the ground in disgust, lifted your face to the sky, and asked, "What's next? Drums and bugles and another fratricidal donnybrook?!" A donnybrook, I tell you!