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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Meet the New Site, Same as the Old Site


Behold! CBS News has ushered in a new era of journalism, using its brand-new and totally redesigned web site, flush with never-before-seen features, to bypass the dinosaur technology of cable television and leapfrog its competitors to a glorious wired future!

On the left: the old site as of Sunday, rescued from a Google cache, clearly a vestige of 20th century thinking. On the right: The bold new site as it now appears, representing, in the words of CBS News president Andrew Heyward, the way the network is "redefining the mission of CBS News and the people who work here to meet the demands of a 24-hour digital universe."

If you think the visual difference is stunning from looking at these screengrabs, just listen to the new features that make the old look like a Model-T: Whereas the old site had free video, the new site has the free-est video ever offered over the Internet! The old site's RSS feeds were lame and, well, old. The new site's feeds are futuristic and neat-o! While the old site was integrated with CBS News, the new site, according to the press release, will feature "true integration." The old integration was false!

The new site will also feature a cutting-edge publishing tool known as a "blog"--a contraction of "weblog"--which is a frequently updated web site used to offer up-to-the-minute reporting, commentary, and analysis. If all goes according to plan, CBS will have the blog up and running, TVNewser reports, by the end of the summer. I personally think that's an overly aggressive timetable for implementing such a radical and foundation-shattering overhaul.