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Sunday, June 19, 2005

This Woman Is In Desperate Need of a Higher Web Profile

We've been meaning to congratulate the Antic Muse on her return to bloggery--where's she been, anyway?

Can't say I like the new design--it's by the folks who brought you the Radar site, so... I'll just leave it at that, seeing as how Radar keeps me in Miller High Life. I definitely miss Terry Colon's illustration, which sadly appears lost to the web. The new Antic Muse illo has a weird, L.A., David-Hockney-does-a-comic-book-with-blogging-heroine vibe to it. And what's with the greenery theme?

But I digress. It's nice to see TAM revived. Here's hoping it's used for more than posting book tour dates. Stuff like this. That was damn funny.