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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pigeon Update

A pair of justifiably annoyed pigeon babies, back in the nest where they belong.

Well, I guess there's a fine line between rescuer and kidnapper. Early Monday morning, as I lay in bed contemplating our new arrivals and congratulating myself for being such a caring steward of the natural world, my wife pointed out to me that the "missing" mama pigeon who had "abandoned" her kids and left me to "rescue" them was back at the nest, apparently wondering where the hell her babies went.

I guess I got some bad advice on the pigeon-lover message boards.

So I hopped out of bed, grabbed the little ones, climbed the ladder and deposited them back in the nest as mama watched from a nearby perch.

It turns out the story of mama birds rejecting babies that have been touched by humans is an old wives tale designed to keep children from doing exactly what I did. So mama is back taking care of the babies, and I'm trying to forget about the whole thing.