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Monday, June 20, 2005

Hathead at the Hideout This Friday

My big brother turns 40 this week, and we're celebrating by letting him out from behind the drum kit to sing at the Hideout on Friday night. Hathead, the infrequently convened band fronted by Matt Cook, will play at 9 p.m. I'll be sitting in on lap steel and keys. I have no idea how to play piano, a problem compounded by the fact that the previous owner of the (really cool) Acetone organ we've borrowed for the show didn't have any idea how to play it either and wrote the notes on the keys in indelible magic marker as a guide--but got them wrong. So the "A" key, for instance, has a "G" written on it. Ideally, I'll be able to correct for this by calibrating my pre-show drinking for just the right amount of double-vision to send my fingers to the correct keys, the way a sniper corrects for wind.

The rest of the band will be ably rounded out by Jason Monroe, Marc Haussman, and Derek Crawford of Bleary. Western Standard Time, a honky-tonk cover band in which Matt plays drums, headlines.

If the beautiful poster by my sister-in-law Jen doesn't send you running to the Hideout on Friday night, then this Hathead tune, four-tracked entirely by Matt, ought to: Moviemaking in the '70s. And if it doesn't, you should come anyway. It will be loud and fun.

In other Hideout-related news, Bob Mehr reports (last item) in the Chicago Reader that the club has finally navigated its way through Chicago's arcane liquor laws to get a Public Place of Amusement license, which allows it to actually charge covers instead of passing a hat for tips to the band. Which means they'll finally start booking in earnest again.