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Friday, June 03, 2005

Fun With Search Strings

By going through traffic logs, I can see what sites referred visitors to Reference Tone--when you come here, I know where you've been. When those sites are search engines, like Google, I can see what people were searching for when my site popped up in the results.

So yesterday I was proud to learn that when someone entered the search terms "John Kass" and "idiot" into Google, Reference Tone ranked third in the results. Let me be clear: I have never called John Kass an idiot in this forum. And I am not doing so now. But someone was querying Google for evidence that Mr. Kass either is or is not an idiot, and I am pleased to know that this site may or may not have helped shed some light on the matter.

In related news, I'm also proud to announce that Reference Tone came up somewhere in the results--not sure where I fit in among the 678,000 pages returned--when someone searched for "why christian should be thankful." That one threw me for a loop, because so far I've declined to comment on Mr. Slater's recent problems. I would like to know why he should be thankful, though.

UPDATE: Just minutes after I posted this, as I was obsessively checking and rechecking my logs to avoid actually getting any work done, someone Googled "smut network." And guess who came up as No. 31?