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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Trib-on-Trib Name-Mangling: An Epidemic?

Homicidal mobster Eric Zorn.

Eric Zorn, welcome to the John Ass Club! A while back I took note of Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass' failure to spell fellow Trib reporter Mark Caro's name correctly in a column, despite the fact that all he really had to do was read the byline of the story he was writing about.

Today, Erica proves he's just as capable as Ass at mangling his colleagues' names--and this time it's personal! My wife, Tribune editor and film critic A-l-l-i-s-o-n [space] B-e-n-e-d-i-k-t makes an appearance in Zorn's blog--don't ask what he was writing about, something to do with after-school specials. You can read it for yourself if you dare. Point is, he quotes one "Alison Benedickt," as in: "Not long before that, Tribune critic Alison Benedickt had panned the movie 'Uncle Nino' as an 'after-school special of a movie.'"

Granted, she's got that weird K in her last name, which can throw you for a loop, but that's why I love her.

But seriously: Isn't it time a Trib honcho fired off a stern memo to the staff about trying to, at the very least, limit their factual errors to people who don't work at the paper?

And Erica, if you're reading this--which I hope you are, cause I'm about to e-mail this post to you--maybe think about responding to this other thing over here....