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Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Health Tip

Just FYI--we heard somewhere that if you don't buy the new Spoon record immediately and listen to it over and over again to the exclusion of any other obligations, like deadlines or attention to loved ones, you might get cancer and die.

It's music designed for headphone listening on the subway. It makes you feel much cooler than you in fact are. It's a soundtrack to the life you wish you are living.

I've never understood why Spoon songs don't show up all over crime shows on TV. They're the ideal incidental music for "The Sopranos"--moody, jumpy, and Britt Daniel's voice, with that gloriously deviated septum, is noir-ish and so goddamn cool. Screw The Who--when CBS develops up with "CSI: Williamsburg," or "CSI: Wicker Park," they'll sign up Spoon for the intro music--"My Mathematical Mind" screams "indie gumshoe."

Buy it. You can listen to a stream here.