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Monday, April 25, 2005

David Byrne, Investigative Dinner Party Guy

You really must start reading David Byrne's blog. He tells you some things that you'd expect David Byrne to tell you--like how tightened U.S. visa policies are making it near impossible for international musical acts to tour the States--and some things you wouldn't expect David Byrne to tell you, like which Middle Eastern political allies of the U.S. like to bugger little boys:

These writer reporter guys at this dinner party exchange amazing stories — that the U.S.-installed president of Afghanistan is a well known pederast (he likes young boys), for example… but everyone is loath to put that in print. I was sort of mystified — why not print it? The explanation seemed to be that it's not unusual over there and it deflects attention from whether or not he's actually doing anything about pulling that country together, which is deemed a more important issue.

Hmmm. I see.
Get crackin', you lazy writer reporter guys! I wonder if he's got an "aide" under that robe....