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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been, a Blogger?

I feared that the moment for this post had passed, but Jay Rosen at PressThink has freshened up the story for me. Rosen, in another post about all these goddamn blogging panels, quotes a sharp and charmingly reckless young writer by the name of Jesse Oxfeld, whose account of a Reuters-sponsored blogging panel in Editor and Publisher last week stressed the following points: a) Please Stop Talking, b) Can't We Talk About Something Else Already?, c) People Talk Too Much About Blogs, and d) I've Met David Brooks, Arianna Huffington, Tina Brown, Margaret Carlson, Ana Marie Cox, Walter Isaacson, Mickey Kaus, Joe Trippi, and Sir Harry Evans.

To wit:
"So I realized I couldn't wait for the Reuters panel to end simply because it's wearying listening to pretty much the same people saying pretty much the same things: Blogs are great. They're changing media. They're taking the corporate media to account. They're self-regulating. There's no barrier to entry." [Emphasis in original.]

All absolutely correct points, expertly argued with just the right touch of condescension. And Oxfeld's complaint--when are we going to have panels on how or whether blogs can or do make money?--is well taken.

But little do most readers realize they are taking those points from--a BLOGGER! That's right, the coy young Oxfeld is a the proprietor of an "anonymous" blog of his own. So all that talk of monetizing bloggery takes on a more sinister cast now, doesn't it? What, were you trolling for potential advertisers, Mr. Oxfeld? Trying to figure out how to line your pockets while mocking honest, hard-working bloggers who simply want to make the world a better, louder place?

This is yet another example of the MSM blindly attacking the blogosphere while one of their own tries to hop on the blog money train. Good thing this blog exists to fearlessly hold to account this pretend non-blogger who actually does blog so that blogging citizens can be better informed about.... Oh I just don't know anymore.

UPDATE: The villain responds--and he's after my wife! Also: I promise never to publish a picture from my wedding again.