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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wolfensohn, Wolfowitz--What's the Difference?

So Paul Wolfowitz goes to the World Bank--"an aggressive move to put the administration's stamp on... the largest source of aid to developing countries, by installing at the bank's helm a leading advocate of the U.S. campaign to spur democracy in the Middle East," according to the Washington Post, and "part of a broader effort by Bush to bring key multinational institutions more in line with U.S. foreign policy goals," according to the Los Angeles Times.

A question: Since when has the president of the World Bank really mattered to anybody aside from 17-year-old Black Brigade anarchists who soak bandanas in their own urine and wear them over their mouths to ward off tear gas fumes and pepper spray?

Isn't this a huge demotion? Unless I'm terribly misinformed and the president of the World Bank gets to invade other countries. Then it's a lateral move, I guess.

UPDATE: No! It's worse than a demotion, as former colleague and longtime drinking partner Jesse Oxfeld points out--it's directly following in the footsteps of the last architect of "failed, quagmire-creating, we're-winning-really-we-are DoD policies." Second time farce.