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Thursday, March 31, 2005

With All this Fuss, It Better Be One Damn Good Panel

James Wolcott writes the first sensible thing yet about that infernal National Press Club panel:
I'm also perturbed by the choice of Wonkette to "panel," to use a verb coined by the staff of the old Tonight show. Perturbed not because Wonkette is a poor selection to represent liberal bloggers, though several dozen apter candidates leap to mind, but because she's supposed to be writing a novel. A novel is a demanding mistress, moody, fickle. She demands your three-quarter attention every waking hour, and at night needs rest so that the unconscious get its beauty sleep to fuel the working day's creative breakthroughs (such as changing the heroine's name from Conchita to Consuella). You can't pay proper respect to the novel if you're off paneling every time a conference puts up a long table and several pitchers of ice water. In Wonkette's best interests, which I hold dear, I beg her to get off this crazed carousel of panel discussions intended to fill the fallow hours of C-SPAN 2
I second the motion, Ana. We want that novel. (No pressure--no wait, I mean lots of pressure!)

Speaking of Wonkette, another suddenly famous blogger has made use of a photograph from my wedding to illustrate a post about her:


I'm not sure how I feel about that--in fact I'm kind of confused as to where he got it. Good picture though. But anyway, if some guy I've never met can publish pictures of my wedding on the Internets, then by Golly so can I:

That's my favorite.

UPDATE: My wife prefers this one: