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Friday, March 25, 2005

While We're On the Subject

Speaking of the Tribune, how's this for an artful bit of blame-shifting?

"Problems Are Scooping Tribune: Biggest Is at Los Angeles Times, Which Hasn't Delivered On Profit Expectations," reads the Wall Street Journal headline. TribCo's got troubles, writes Joseph Hallinan. "But some of Tribune's biggest problems stem from properties it acquired from Times Mirror. The biggest, the Los Angeles Times, failed to produce expected profit, despite years of investment and cost cutting. Amid the tough times, publisher John Puerner this week said he would step down in May to take what he called 'a self-imposed career break.'"

Hmmm. Yeah, the L.A. Times is tanking. But that's not the Tribune Company's fault! Let's blame that on Puerner--a 26-year Tribune Co. veteran.