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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Reference Tone Gets a Shout-out in Newsfortnight!

No, no, I mean Newsweek, silly. What kind of idiot gets the name of a publication wrong anyway?

Well, it only took me a couple of weeks at this blogging thing to get mentioned in Newsweek, which makes me kind of sad for the magazine, actually. But the bastards got my name wrong.

They picked up Al Franken's quote to me about Jerry Springer from this post in this week's Perspectives, that little front-of-the-book page of cute quotes and cartoons that makes for prime toilet reading. But they sourced it to, whatever the hell that is. I picked a direct, forceful, unambiguous, memorable name like Reference Tone--one that does not at all inspire my wife, relatives, friends, and random correspondents to ask questions like, What's a reference tone? Or, What do you mean by calling this thing Reference Tone?--for a reason, dammit, and they still managed to screw it up.

Here's the online version, in all its erroneous glory.

I'm gonna tell Hugh Hewitt, and hopefully he'll add it to his master list of reasons to lynch the mainstream media and all who conspire with it.