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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nepotism at Work

Hugh Hewitt, the endearingly wrong blogger triumphalist extraordinaire and bright spot of reason, candor, and humor in the vast, foul firmament of talk-radio--with whom I have disgreed in the past, even though he was no doubt unaware that said disagreement was taking place--has twice done me right, with both a nice link on his massively powerful blog and a mention on his radio show.

I've been quite pleased with how this whole blog thing has developed for me so far, and it's really an honor to be picked, almost at random, it seems, from out of the blog-ether and held up by no less a respected authority than Hugh Hewitt as a worthy destination for people who seek blogginess. But the crazy thing is--and you're gonna freak, Hugh--we actually have a connection of sorts! My Dad is actually pretty good friends with Hugh Hewitt. How crazy is that? Life's funny sometimes.

Thanks for the mentions, Hugh. Your new book, Blog is on my reading list, and once I have read it, I shall attempt to demolish its blog-addled arguments about the power of blogs on this here blog and draw you into a nice little blog-fight. Until then, a glance below and to the right of this post will confirm that you, Sir, have been blogrolled on Reference Tone. I just hope your servers are prepared for the avalanche of traffic that will undoubtedly ensue.