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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Jerry Springer to Air America Radio

I don't know what to say. Jerry Springer is launching a morning-drive show on Air America Radio, says AAR COO Carl Ginsberg. Springer will replace Unfiltered, Lizz Winstead's former show.

Ginsberg said Springer starts April 1, so this could conceivably be an early April Fool's joke. But he sounded serious to me. And Al Franken confirmed, unless he's in on the joke:

"Hubert Humphrey used to say, 'A society is judged best by how it treats people in the morning of life, the dusk--or maybe sunset--of life, and in the shadows of life,'" Franken told me. "Jerry has seen people in the shadows of life. He's seen the dwarf being shot from a cannon at county fairs and having affairs with another dwarf. So I think he has a particularly strong understanding of people's troubles."

He said all that with an approximately six-second pause between every fifth word.

Springer currently has a radio show syndicated by Clear Channel.

UPDATE: It's definitely no joke.