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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Gotta Love that John Ass Over at the Chicago Tribune

Kass! I mean Kass. Sorry John, sometimes I absent-mindedly misspell people's names. Good thing I'm not a big-time city newspaper columnist like you, otherwise that could be really embarrassing. Especially if I were to misspell, say the name of a reporter at the very same paper I work for. Whose name--I guess they call it a byline in the business--was published at the top of the very story I was writing about.

I know it can be tough to keep all those balls in the air as a columnist, John, with that deadline always bearing down on you, and all those columns to pump out about dogs, your Christianity, and stories that other Chicago Tribune reporters have already written. But for the record, Mark Caro's name is M-A-R-K C-A-R-O. As opposed to what you wrote:
"Maybe we ought to have Rick's liver for a little treat. It's certainly fat enough," Hannibal Trotter said, quite bitterly, in a fascinating front-page story written by entertainment reporter Marc Caro.
I can't wait for the correction.

UPDATE: They fixed it online.