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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

David Brooks--Switch Hitter?

I haven't read David Brooks' column--movingly headlined "Whose Team Am I On?"--yet this morning, but I wanted to take a minute anyway to applaud him for bravely and openly addressing issues of sexual confusion in his column. We support you, David, no matter whose team you choose.

UPDATE: Wait a minute! Now I'm the one who's confused! Is baseball some kind of metaphor or something? Yes. Yes it is. Otherwise, there's no way to explain lines like:

"Already I feel the tug, the love that dare not speak its name."

"In the midst of this spiritual crisis I have begun to ask the fundamental question."

"It is a bond forged during a lifelong string of shared emotions...."

"It would be to abandon a string of formative experiences, a core of my identity. It would send me off on a life of phoniness and self-alienation."

"Perhaps the young players Jose Reyes and David Wright will rekindle the flame...."