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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Avocet Songs

Again with the EMusic Live--we recorded the Avocet show at Schuba's last night, and this time we actually sold one for $5. Sounds pretty good to me, but you can judge for yourself:

Bridget Cross
The Postcards You Sent From the Side of the Road
Fading Fast

We opened for University, which became my new favorite band when I saw them soundcheck. Five guys who all live in one house, Big Pink-style, and record in the basement. Except the house is in Wauconda, IL, some godforsaken Chicago exurb with vinyl chloride-tainted water that smells like garbage. Go see them Monday night at Schuba's--they're doing a "residency" there all month, playing every Monday night--and buy their records so they can afford to move to a city that doesn't have to deliver bottled water to their doorstep every week.

They sound like Big Star.