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Monday, March 21, 2005

Avocet Flies Tonight

For those of you lucky enough to be enjoying the charms of Chicago in March, I will be employing far too many distortion pedals tonight at Schuba's, playing guitar in Avocet (sadly, you won't see me striking my best non-chalantly, vaguely wholesome indie-rock pose on the web site, since the lazy bastards haven't updated it since I joined the band).

Below is an mp3 from Avocet's first and only record, "Gravity Will Take Its Toll," recorded before I joined up by the inestimably brilliant and perplexing Jeff Boyd, who also made the first Cooksie record. Loud guitars make very pretty noise. Enjoy, and stop in if you're around. We go on at 9 p.m. (you know you're too old to be in a rock band when you're relieved to get an early stage time). University headlines.

Avocet: Meridians Fail from "Gravity Will Take Its Toll."